The lyrical documentary weaves its way through half a century of history during a time which saw the city of Derry rise from poverty and neglect, to making notorious headlines across the world. Written and narrated by the recently deceased broadcaster, Gerry Anderson, it is an emotional journey through his childhood spent in Northern Ireland’s second city.

Using unseen archive and fascinating home movie footage, much of it supplied by Derry man and filmmaker Vinny Cunningham, this is a homage to the ordinary people, a personal memoir, told through the eyes of Gerry as a young boy, growing up in the relative calm of the years before the Civil Rights Campaigns sparked the near anarchy of The Troubles.

Poetic and intimate, A City Dreaming is a fitting and affectionate tribute to the ordinary people of Derry and the extraordinary events that they endured.

Awards: Best Irish Documentary: Foyle Film Festival 2014