In 2011, renowned photographer and filmmaker Rankin set up the nationwide short filmmaking scheme Collabor8te to develop, fund and distribute 8 short films by Britain’s best new talent. These films represent the first year of this scheme.



Twinkle Twinkle - (2012) 08:52

A humorous and later shocking look at mummies and daddies from the
perspective of two girls as they play one afternoon.


Stew & Punch - (2012) 14:43

A dinner party with stew and much punch spirals comically out of control when the host couple are sucked into a bout of light-hearted arm wrestling.



The Hungry Corpse - (2012) 09:50

Touching animation in which a lonely pigeon befriends a corpse in London’s
Trafalgar Square.


The Gas Man - (2012) 13:25

Eerie chiller in which a gas man makes a house call to a woman who lives alone in a remote house.


Cold Comfort - (2012) 10:34

Struggling with the fallout of an abusive relationship, Michelle crosses paths with a mysterious creature and finds comfort in a most unlikely way.



Liar - (2012) 12:49

Jamie adores his big brother Donald but is beginning to question his tales of their absent father.


Irreversible - (2012) 11:04

Ahmed has been missing for days. Jamie and his brother Daniel claim to know nothing, but the truth will out.



Hardwire - (2012) 11:26

A shadowy surveillance operative records the meeting between the jilted
mistress of a corporate CEO and a cheque book journalist in a claustrophobic London flat.