COMING HOME (2015) 86 mins

On May 16, 1999, Angel Cordero, then 25, was arrested and charged with attempted murder following a stabbing in The Bronx, New York. Seven years later, Dario Rodriguez admitted that he was the one who committed the crime. Dario’s confession supported what most of the case evidence pointed to – that Angel was innocent. Despite the evidence, Angel was convicted and served 13 years in New York maximum security prisons. When Dario eventually confessed to the truth, his evidence was deemed unreliable and Angel’s conviction still stood. But this injustice (the subject of several news reports) is not the only story. This documentary follows Angel as he regains his freedom while discovering what was really taken away from him – his relationship with his daughter. We follow Angel for days before his release, see him take his first steps as a free man, rediscover technology, reunite with family and supporters, and eventually confront the man who confessed to his crime in a one-on-one meeting. But he soon realizes that facing Dario is not the hardest part of regaining his freedom. His biggestchallenge is rebuilding the once idyllic bond with his daughter Sarah. She is confused by the collision of past and present. Breaking parole, Angel goes on a dangerous trip to prove his love for his daughter – and hopefully to start building a bridge between them.