HOW TO BE HAPPY - (2013) 80 MINS

Following a bad breakup, relationship councilor Cormac Kavanagh (Brian Gleeson) starts sleeping with his clients in a misguided attempt to reignite their passions. His bedroom adventures soon lead him into dangerous territory and he starts falling for Flor (Gemma Leah Devereux), the attractive young private detective assigned to investigate his affairs. Flor’s specialty is entrapping married men in honeytrap strings. Things are further complicated when Cormac’s well-meaning cousin Al tries a spot of amateur matchmaking to get him back with his ex-wife, just as he’s preoccupied trying to save his neck, by fixing the marriage of one very dangerous client. In this entertaining comedy of misunderstandings, deceit and danger, it’s going to take a lot before everyone recognises true love and discovers the secrets of How To Be Happy.