35 years ago, on the evening of 8th December 1980, Mark Chapman shot John Lennon four times outside the famous Dakota apartment building opposite Central Park in New York. By killing the iconic founder of The Beatles and one of the most famous people on the planet, Chapman immediately joined the pantheon of the most notorious killers of the 20th Century. The question that the media have struggled with since is why did this middle class young man, who had idolised The Beatles, kill his hero. Having subsequently been sentenced to 20 years to life imprisonment, it was not until a decade later, in a series of interviews with writer/journalist Jack Jones, all of which were taped, that Chapman explained for the first time what motivated him to commit this cowardly murder.

Now in this unique documentary, through reconstructions and using the actual taped voice of Mark Chapman, the assassination is chillingly recreated for the viewer, by Chapman himself. Various interviews with police personnel and psychiatrists also shed some light on the twisted personality and psychosis that caused Mark Chapman to kill John Lennon.