Both Worlds (2013 - present) 58 x 22 mins

A group of young people from migrant backgrounds face the ultimate challenge: trying to be true to themselves while conforming to the expectations of their parents and communities. Turning a camera on themselves they each reveal a life-changing journey that has pushed them to their emotional limits and caused them to question their place in the world.

Millennials (2015) 6 x 45 mins

This unprecedented series from award-winning filmmaker Rick Stevenson documents the turbulent lives of a diverse group of children as they advance through their teenage years and into
adulthood during the first 5000 days of the 21st century.

Highland Midwives (2013) 13 x 29 mins

The Highlands and Islands of Scotland are rugged, beautiful, and remote. The people who live here are as hardy as the landscape they live in. Each year hundreds of babies are born to parents living in the Scottish Highlands, looked after by midwives who travel huge distances between appointments.

Scottish Travellers (2013) 2 X 58 mins

Scottish Travellers tell us their story - how they make a living, their traditions, how they cope with the prejudice they experience, how they live by their own laws, how they choose to educate their children, and how they come into conflict with mainstream society. An estimated 3,000 Travellers can be found on Scottish roads – yet there are only 500 official pitches available to them. This character-led, contemporary fly-on-the-wall documentary follows two families over a nine month period, sharing the good times and not so good times, as they travel with their caravans throughout the country.

About The House (2000 - 2011) 60 x 24 mins

About The House with Duncan Stewart has been Ireland’s most watched home improvement/building show for the past eleven years. Overall these series focus on empowering householders, in an engaging and entertaining way, on issues concerning design, technology and construction of new builds, extensions and renovations of urban and rural dwellings. Every programme is filled with innovative design ideas, practical and ecological building techniques, stylish interior finishes and tips on how to make your home a safer and healthier environment. Little wonder then that it has proven to be such a popular TV series with audience ratings continuing to rise each year.

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