From New Zealand comes this wonderful collection of three-minute documentary shorts.


Loading Docs Series 1 - 2014


An animated collection of memories.

An elderly Turkish migrant now living in New Zealand recounts memories of his early days as a refugee in Auckland, as told to his grandson Joel.




Slow down and listen.

An unusual journey through a New Zealand home on a summer’s day, this peaceful work initiates contemplation on what humans chose to have in their homes, and the natural and man-made symphony that surrounds us all.


Living Like Kings

Disaster for most, luxury for some.

The Christchurch Earthquake left the majority of its population devastated, but for a small group of homeless people, disaster brought about new and luxurious living opportunities – a taste of what it’s like to live like a king.


Queer Selfies

Coming out is one thing, coming home another.

In a private tent at Auckland’s Big Gay Out festival, a diverse range of the queer community share moving, humorous and intimate stories of home.



“She’s one hell of an office, this country”.

Be it in scorching sunlight or sideways snowfall Bernie’s out on the road. On site in New Zealand’s beautiful McKenzie Country, this veteran worker shares his view from the other side of the stop/go sign.


The Jump

Balls, bungy and videotape.

In 1980 with a healthy mix of imagination, balls and roughly remembered Newtonian physics, a Kiwi bloke jumped off a bridge and started a worldwide phenomenon. The Jump reveals unearthed footage of bungy’s beginnings and tells the amazing tale of its unsung creator, Chris Sigglekow.


The Road to Whakarae

A road, a song – the heart of a tribe.

Deep in the Urewera Ranges, Maori elder Beam Titoko puts on his best cowboy hat, digs out his old guitar and sings a song of home. Made by Tuhoe filmmakers, this affectionate portrait of a community pays tribute to the strength of the families who keep Tuhoe’s home-fires burning.




Life in the home.

Today follows the passing of time for residents and workers of a South Auckland rest home and offers an intimate and evocative insight into a place many New Zealanders call “home”.




A tale of love and ingenuity.

Wayne, a man with limited communication skills leans the harsh reality of love and romance. Nigel, his support worker and friend guides him through this puzzling human condition, but Wayne has ideas of his own.



Loading Docs Series 2 - 2015


Conversations with Pets

Animal lovers form a special bond with their pets but how deep does this go and what would happen if your pets could converse with you? World-renowned animal communicator Faye Rogers takes us through an honest and open journey of the conversations she has with animals around her. For anyone who wonders what their pets are thinking, feeling or saying Faye is the go to placethrough her ability to decode them.



Fantasy Cave

Hidden in the provinces of the North Island of New Zealand, one attraction has been entertaining children and adults alike for 25 years. What started as a Christmas cave has bloomed into a dense, highly detailed labyrinth of animatronic curiosities. Fantasy Vace seeks out the secretive “cave dwellers” in Dannevrike responsible for its existence and asks the question: Why do we create?




Kusuda enters the world of Japanese winemaker, Hiro Kusuda, during a particularly challenging harvest at his vineyard in Martinborough, New Zealand.

When a cyclone threatens to destroy his entire crop, Hiro can only hope his vines survive the stress. Hiro reflects on the uncontrollable forces of nature, his winemaking process, and thefragility of life itself.



Madness Made Me

Down the end of the long corridor, Mary O’Hagan comes face to face with the condemning words written about her in her psychiatric files. This visual poem grapples with conflicting representations of one person’s madness, and in doing so tackles issues like the power of language, and the power of experience.


Please Open

Cultural icon and cinematic relic The Crystal Palace fights to hold off the final curtain call. This film explores the spaces, the technology and the people that have kept The Crystal Palace alive and functioning since she opened in the 1920’s, while pondering the future of such a unique venue.




Gina is a powerful and emotive documentary about the circumstances that one woman lives with everyday. A cruel genetic illness has left Gina bed-bound for years; sound and light cause her body further damage, and she is unable to talk. Through the film, Gina expresses her belief that she should have the right to choose if, and when, and how she might die.



Wilbur Force

For Wilbour Force, winning isn’t everything: it’s the only thing. But after moving back to his hometown, the former king of NZ pro-wrestling has no one to fight with, and nothing left to fight for. Friend and filmmaker J. Ollie Lucks steps up and dares Will to reconnect with his glory days of battle. During production, though, Will starts to doubt his friend’s intentions.




From the canopy of aging skyscrapers to the abandoned pipelines below ground, this visual dissection of Auckland City searches for traces of Waihorotiu, an ancient waterway situated in the city centre. Through archival imagery and animation the film explores the history of Waihorotiu, and the relationship between urbanisation and waterways.



Dancing in the Dark

Dancer Peter Vosper sheds light on what happens on an average weeknight when a room full of strangers is enclosed in a dark room. Individuals unite at No Lights No Lycra to lose their inhibitions and cast off their social masks in the absence of criticism. The shy dancers are immediately electrified as they exit out of the doors of Grey Lynn Library Hall. A journey into the transformative power of dance.




At the age of fourteen, Tihei Harawira found his own unique way to connect with others – through freestyle rapping. Set in the vibrant world of the Otara Markets, amongst a community that has embraced Tihei, our film is an uplifting and inspiring look at a humble young man who has turned every challenge that he has faced into a positive.