In 2011, renowned photographer and filmmaker Rankin set up the nationwide short filmmaking scheme Collabor8te to develop, fund and distribute 8 short films by Britain’s best new talent. These films represent the second year of this scheme.



A Kindness (2013) 15 mins

Luke, Tommy, and Ramo set off on a roadtrip to Blackpool
University to surprise Luke’s girlfriend, but things take a worrying turn when they discover that she’s been getting all too familiar with another man. Their journey takes a horrible twist when there is a sudden and mysterious impact. What did they hit and can they bring themselves to go back and look?

Official Selection: Palm Springs Film Festival



Advent (2013) 13 mins

Helen takes her two young, estranged sons away from their father without his permission on Christmas Eve, intent on having them with her for the holiday. Needing somewhere to hide out, she takes them to a soulless hotel near Heathrow Airport, and there struggles to make a connection with her sons.

Starring Anna Friel (Limitless)
Official Selection: Mexico International Film Festival



Anywhere But Here (2013) 12 mins

Trapped in a run-down farmhouse at the edge of the world with a father who has opted out of life, fifteen-year-old loner James has spent his summer holidays alone on the beach with a crab called Bernard. When Stacey, a newly arrived city kid, appears one day and tries to get to know him, it seems too good to be true.

Winner: Cork Film Festival - Grand Prix Irish Short


Between Places (2013) 19 mins

Roger is a middle-aged business man clinging to the past. His weekend begins poorly, waking up hungover, sitting in his car in front of his ex-wife’s house yet again. He finds himself on a
collision course with his boss (who also happens to be her father) who he has to deal with all weekend at a team-building exercise in a rundown hotel.

Official Selection: Alcine Film Festival



Old Habits (2013) 14 mins

A black comedy-drama set entirely in a funeral parlour in which two estranged brothers in their 70's come to pay their respects to their recently deceased father. It's not long before we realise "paying respects" isn't the only thing the brothers are there for: in a flash, guns are drawn and the two brothers settle things the only way they’ve ever known how.

Starring David Warner (Titanic, Tron)
Written and Directed by the Lynch Brothers
Official Selection: LA Shortsfest



Painkiller (2013) 15 mins

A teenaged loner resorts to stealing from everyone around her in an attempt to deal with the isolation and rejection she feels as a result of her chronic eczema and a selfish, alcoholic father. She meets another girl at school who treats her with kindness instead of cruelty; can she make a friend or will her kleptomania rear its ugly head?

Official Selection: Foyle Film Festival, London Short Film
Festival, Galway Film Festival



Serious Swimmers (2013) 15 mins

Gail, a recovering drug addict, attempts to find a connection with her young son over the course of a supervised visit to the local swimming pool. She struggles to foster their fragile relationship in the face of her past mistakes and current fears.

Starring Brian Gleeson (Standby, Tiger Raid)
Official Selection: Palm Springs Film Festival




Tracks (2013) 15 mins

In the tradition of generations before him, teenager Ed is taken deer stalking by his father, a weathered hunter, to make his first kill. But their relationship is tested when Ed doesn’t react as
expected and their wider connection with nature is brought into question.

Starring John Bell (The Hobbit: The Battle of Five Armies)
Official Selection: Rio De Janeiro Film Festival