The Risky Business is our 2013 compilation of short films, with a good mix of live action and animation, featuring shorts from multiple different countries around the world. Please get in touch if you would like to view private screeners for any of these films.

I Can’t See You Anymore (2012) – 14 Mins 28 Secs
Waking up from a coma after an accident, psychiatrist Aidan Clifford is forced to confront the consequences of his own actions. In this gripping drama, the viewer is left to reflect on what is real and what is delusion, until the intense denouement.


The Girl With The Mechanical Maiden (2012) - 15 Mins 20 Secs
The tale of a young inventor who builds a mechanical wet nurse for his baby daughter after his wife dies in childbirth. Featuring Dominic West as the father who creates a surrogate mother for his child.

Awards: Galway Film Festival (2012) – Best Live Action Short Drama


Un Peu Plus (2012) - 7 Mins
Proud Mme Rousseau is on a mission – to spend the perfect day enjoying the endless cakes of Paris with sweet abandon. But Paris is not the city she remembers. And life has some bittersweet lessons to teach. With French Actress Bulle Ogier (The Discreet Charm of the Bourgeoisie) playing the lead role, delivers a polished and poignant performance.


The Claw (2011) - 11 Mins 36 Sec
When a father sees his daughter eat a sandwich she dropped in the sand, it triggers the memory that a notorious serial killer's ashes were scattered on that beach. His long-suffering wife wants to enjoy a normal family day at the seaside without her husband speculating on dark things. Events take a bizarre turn when the family visit an amusement arcade and the girl claims a strange prize from the claw machine. A black comedy about dark deeds and a determined young girl’s needs, directed by Nathan Hughes.


Eyeline (2012) - 8 Mins
A visit with his friend for afternoon coffee take an unexpected turn when Simon locks eyes with an attractive girl. When he subsequently finds her entangled in an argument with her boyfriend, he has to confront a moral dilemma. His ultimate response will force him to question the type of person he really is.


Small Time (2012) - 11 Mins 56 Secs
Mankind now has the godlike power of time travel. Unfortunately it’s been discovered by a cocky, young student. When his college professor takes credit for the idea, both men soon use the invention for small time rivalry, with predictable mind bending and time shifting results.
Audience Award, Sci Fi/Fantasy Seattle Short Film Festival ‘13


Homemade (2012) - 5 Mins 15 Secs
In this dark comedy, pensioner Tommy Fogarty wants to impress his new lady friend by baking a cake but finds a gang of feral teenage girls have other ideas. Tommy decides to get his retaliation in first.


The Attendant (2012) - 12 Mins
Frankie is a car park attendant at the spectacular Giant’s Causeway in Co. Antrim, one of Ireland’s natural scenic wonders. However he has his eye on the future. Cathy is his friend and work colleague. She and her husband Paul are in trouble. Nevertheless as Frankie always says, Something will turn up! A warm, whimsical film from first time director Ian Beattie (Actor in Game of Thrones), featuring Adrian Dunbar.


Two Hearts (2011) - 17 Mins 51 Secs
Lorna has worked hard to stay on the right track. But when a man from her past is released from prison, her emotions spiral out of control, and she finds herself inextricably drawn back to a life, and a love, that’s forbidden. From Director Darren Thornton (Frankie).


Washed Up Love (2011) - 6 Mins 16 Secs
Frank and Moira’s love has gone missing, but the tide is about to turn. In this whimsical comedy, two love-starved ladies resort to extreme measures to hold onto their new found male companion, whose initial words are lost in translation.


Even Gods (2011) - 18 Mins 4 Secs
Wisecracking, large-hearted, Hughie has been living in a long-term homeless shelter in Belfast for 6 years. Then his daughter contacts him out of the blue and wants to see him for the first time in thirteen years. Consequently, the boundaries of Hughie's solid life begin to blur and the wounds of the past come back into sharp, painful focus. And when Hughie meets his granddaughter, who he never knew existed, he finds himself circling the contours of a life he thought lost and buried forever.


Matchhead (2011) - 14 Mins
When a ten-year-old arsonist is court-ordered to attend counseling sessions she discovers a kindred spirit who shares her dangerous love of fire.


Crossing Salween (2012) - 20mins 17 Secs
In Karen State, Eastern Burma, 9 year old Ko Reh finds herself orphaned after the massacre of her village by the Burmese army. Befriending a mysterious hunter named Dante, who made a promise to her father’s soul that he would take her to safety, Ko Reh and Dante make the perilous journey across her troubled homeland in search of freedom beyond the Salween.


Almost (2012) - 12 Mins 30 Secs
The story of a soaring love affair that never quite takes off. Emily and Tom meet and have a magnetic connection. Their friendship is developing well and their relationship appears to have a real future….almost.


Angel (2012) - 9 Mins 28 Secs
Ruan Magan's poignant short film offers a glimpse into the daily life of a working-class angel. Although she is able to save lives with her quiet arresting presence, she is at the mercy of others in the struggle for her own survival.


What’s Virgin Mean? - 2 Mins 24 Secs
The question every parent dreads. How on earth do you answer it? What innocuous explanation will your child understand? Should you try to protect and prolong her innocence or, alternatively, seize the nettle and be done with it? What's Virgin Mean? features a typical mother and daughter engaged in their own personal quest to find out the answer to one of life's big questions.


Barry’s Bespoke Bakery (2012) - 8 Mins
In this lavish wonderland of refined cakes, owned by the fastidious pâtissièr, Barry, everything has its place, except for his talented employee Brian. A delicious confection for those who like their shorts sweet.


Coming Home (2010) - 14 Mins 18 Secs
An uplifting and enlightening story of one woman’s journey to recovery from breast cancer. This creative film can be used as valuable aid in spreading the message of early detection and positivity in the fight against breast cancer.


Pet Hate (2012) - 6 Mins
A pet shop owner’s efforts to run his store are confounded by the very pets he is trying to sell, who have decided that they would rather stay put. In desperation, the owner comes up with a cunning plan.
California Int’l Short Film Festival 2013 –Best Animation


Bird Food (2012) - 4 Mins 45 Secs
A man plans to eat his lunch in the park but the local pigeons have other ideas, as he finds out to his cost. Angry Birds meets Granny O’Grimm!


A Different Perspective (2012) - 1 Min 55 Secs
A visit from an alien life-form results in a change in perspective in more ways than one, in Chris O’Hara’s delightful animated film.


Learning To Fish (2011) - 3 Mins 55 Secs
When the summer is over, the urban seagull has to learn to catch fish or die trying.


Miscast (2011) - 10 Mins 48 Sec
Stuart wants to make it in Hollywood. The problem is that Stuart is a video game character. When he starts to go to auditions, things don’t often work out the way he thought. It’s what happens when the World of Warcraft meets Entourage.