Risky Business - The Sequel is our 2014 compilation and the follow-up to last year's wildly successful shorts collection. Please get in touch if you would like to view private screeners for any of these films.


Tandem (2013) – 10 Mins
Jim will do anything to impress the family of his bride-to-be, Kate. But when his future brother-in-law, Phil, drags him skydiving as a rite of family initiation, Jim is forced to push the limits of his comfort level all under the not-so-careful watch of his distressed and distracted instructor. As both the penny and Jim drops, he learns that just keeping up with his fiancé’s family is potentially a matter of life or death

Awards: Malibu Film Festival: Best Comedy Short


Mechanic (2013) – 10 Mins
A mechanic fixes up an old car and drives into the Dublin mountains to end his life. However, at the crucial moment he comes across an old man who has lost his bearings and is looking for shelter from the rain. The elderly man, played by old time comic Syl Fox, inadvertently and with humorous disregard, gets the mechanic to drive him back to town,
thereby thwarting his suicide bid, at least temporarily.

Galway Film Fleadh 2013: Best Short Drama


The Listing Agent (2013) – 13 Mins
A desperate, down-on-his-luck real estate agent must carry out his client’s unorthodox demands before closing the sale of their house. This new short film from the team behind Tandem features a fine, understated performance from US actor Joel Murray (Mad Men, The Artist) and has echoes of black comedy series, Six Feet Under. This film will make it on to many people’s “Best of” lists!


The Portrait (2013) – 19 Mins 45 Secs
When a young art student paints a portrait of her grandfather, her mother Laura is forced to revisit family secrets she’d been
trying to forget. Should she tell her daughter what she knows about him or spare her from the knowledge of his wartime criminal past? This powerful drama examines some complex
dilemmas within three generations of one family, with strong performances from Juliet Stephenson and Joss Ackland, two of England’s finest actors.


Adonis (2013) – 10 Mins
Kip has decided to hire a dating service. When the dating Rep delivers a small dog named Adonis, Kip is not sure he made a good decision. However, with a money-back guarantee, he figures he has nothing to lose. Taking Kip on a walk at the beach, Adonis proves to be a chick magnet and attracts beautiful women at every turn. However, beauty is often only on the surface and Adonis must reach deep into his bag of tricks to find the right match.

Riverside International Film: Jury Award - Best Short Film, Audience Award – Best Comedy Short

Big Bear Lake International Film Festival: Audience Award – Best Animation


Paulie (2012) – 11 Mins
Paulie is a nine year old geeky high achiever in the seventh grade. Used to being the smartest kid in the room, Paulie aces every test, wins every spelling bee and science fair, and does not lose. So when bully Tony beats him one day at an essay contest, Paulie refuses to let it go. The consequences are both amusing and profound.

LA Shorts Festival 2012: Best Comedy Short Palm Springs International Short Festival 2012: Winner Grand Jury Award


Breakfast Wine (2013) – 11 Mins
They say it takes just three alcoholics to keep a small bar running in a country town, but this salutary tale, based on Donal Ryan’s short story, initially presents the viewer with only two such candidates, who can’t consume the stuff fast enough. Then a femme fatal with an equal thirst, lands in their midst, with a tale of woe to impart. Subtle comic performances from Pat Short and Dylan Moran (Black Books) makes Breakfast Wine one to savour. Ruth Bradley as the femme fatal, however,
steals everyone’s thunder.


This Way Out (2013) – 17 Mins
Minnie and her hapless assistant Maude are struggling to keep Minnie’s Euthanasia Centre afloat. The government has legalised assisted suicide to help control the ever growing population. Unfortunately, after an initial influx of clients, Minnie and Maude are now failing to compete with the other euthanasia clinic – The Sunshine Centre. Faced with losing her beloved Centre, Minnie, with Maude in tow, embarks on a desperate campaign to find more people who want to die, but just don’t know it yet!

Winner Best Comedy Aesthetica Film Festival 2013
Winner Audience Award, Bottle Cap Festival, Newcastle 2013


Ellen is Leaving (2012) – 15 Mins
Ellen is leaving because she can. Travel is the cancer of modern relationships. Ellen needs to find her sad-sack ofa boyfriend, Hamish, a nice leaving gift to try and help the mutual breakup feel a bit better. When Hamish jokingly suggests she get him a new girlfriend, Ellen realises it’s actually the perfect idea and sets out to find him the right girl. But when things start going a bit better than planned, Ellen starts to lose her nerve. Can she really give him up?

Awards: SXSW 2013: Best Narrative Short Film
San Francisco International Film Festival 2013: Golden Gate Best Short Film


The Phone Call (2013) – 20 mins
Heather is a shy lady who works in a helpline call centre. When she receives a phone call from a distraught man, (Jim Broadbent) she has no idea that the encounter will change her life forever. Featuring a beautifully nuanced performance from Sally Hawkins (Oscar nominated for Blue Jasmine), The Phone Call will resonate with anyone who has experienced the loss of a loved one.

Selected For: LA Shorts Fest 2013,
London Film Festival 2013, Flickerfest 2014


Deadbook (2013) – 15 Mins
Gordon and Michael develop a startup called Deadbook –a social network devised to keep friends and loved ones connected forever. With financial backing from a group of investors, Gordon and Michael turn Deadbook into a wildly successful company. However, the investors are unhappy with profit levels and devise a new business model to take Deadbook to the next level – one that splits the two founders. Enraged and feeling betrayed by Michael and the group, Gordon hastily issues a warning to all of them– but the consequence of his threats will surprise everyone, Gordon included. A tense thriller with an epic feel.


Mr. Invisible (2013) – 14 mins
A lonely old man (Julian Glover – Game of Thrones) seems invisible to the world around him. At home, he fastidiously prepares himself for an outing and dresses in a nondescript way. However, when he journeys to the heart of London, being invisible proves to be the greatest asset in his nefarious line of work. This is an excellent taut thriller with a clever twist in the tail, that will surprise and shock audiences.

Austin Film Fest 2013: Best Narrative Short; Seattle Shorts Film Fest 2013: Grand Jury Prize and Audience Award