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Tastes like home

(2016 - 2018) 18 x 25 mins

Every week on Tastes Like Home, well known TV chef Catherine Fulvio journeys to a different part of Ireland to meet people who have a family member or best friend living abroad. Each of these families want to give their loved ones the one thing they can’t get abroad – “home cooking”. All have agreed to share the secret to their signature dish with Catherine so she can visit the family member living abroad and recreate it for them and their friends.  Her challenge is that she must make it Taste Like Home with the resources available in the foreign country. 

Catherine’s oversees travels also allow her to explore these fascinating regions along with sourcing and tasting their unique and interesting cuisine. Ultimately, Catherine prepares both the Irish dish and a local dish for her hosts, family and friends. After the presentation, she waits in eager anticipation. Will the food meet their expectations? Will they agree that it Tastes Like Home?