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the Brigade

2 x 52 mins (2019)

A two-part living history series, which sees local recruits chosen to live and drill like commander Tom Barry and the 3rd West Cork Flying Column during the War of Independence in Ireland, 100 years ago.

The Flying column was recruited from all attendees at an Open Day in Clonakilty earlier in the year. These Brigade members (12 local men mostly in late teens and early 20’s) are put through their paces by ex-members of the Irish Defence forces who instructed  them in drilling, shooting, military tactics, night trekking, signals and general military tactics as well as imparting historical facts about the legendary flying column of Tom Barry. Guerrilla style ambushes and engagements are realistically recreated for the viewers.

Parallel with these historical re-enactments of both the Guerrillas and British Army manoeuvres, 6 British students studying History at Essex University are invited to Cork to study the effects and tactics and explore the stories of that uncompromising war, as related by living relatives to the old IRA flying column men.