Where Do We Go From Here?

82 mins (2015)

Why would a healthy 25-year-old man choose to live and work in a care home for elderly and disabled people?

This is the question that dejected Nurse Jen asks when she reluctantly joins the staff of the Easy Love Care Home. She is surprised to find James not only a live-in employee at this Scottish care home, with a group of dysfunctional, geriatric residents, but appearing to be actually enjoying himself there. Despite the incessant interference of the insensitive care home manager, the controlling Miss Thompson, James and his three elderly best friends hatch a plan to go on one last adventure – an illicit road trip in a bus “borrowed” from the care home to visit the Deep Sea World Aquarium. The only medical aide they can get to travel with them is the one person who doesn't want to be around old people: nurse Jen.

Will their plan to escape the home, even temporarily, succeed or, like the diminishing lives of this mixed group of residents, is there a sell-by date on adventure? In this
entertaining film the good intentions of big-hearted James prevail and his enthusiasm for helping his elderly friends not only wins Jen’s heart but has already proved to be
infectious for film festival audiences everywhere.